On the Cover

I submitted this Easter card and treat bag months ago and, quite frankly, forgot all about them. When you’ve got a job where you’re constantly creating, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything you’ve made. So, this was a pleasant surprise I got from our PR rep. My projects back AND a copy of the magazine!

CardMaker Inside copy


The card came back to me with relatively little damage to it considering how much I’m sure it gets handled and/or tossed about. The treat bag… not so much. It kind of got trashed. Not that it’s a big deal. They got a picture of it while it was in pristine condition which is the important part, right?

Easter Card

And, they liked my projects so much I even got featured on the cover of their magazine (along with that rose card that’s partially covered and to whom I have no idea who to give credit, but kudos to you mystery creative!).

CardMaker Cover with Card


♥ Chrissy

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