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Progress On My Quilt!

For Christmas 2013 Duffy bought me a sewing machine. At first I mainly wanted it so that I could stitch on some of my paper crafting projects. Which I’ve done quite a bit of, but I also wanted to relearn quilting.

About seven… or eight years ago my mom talked me into going with her over to one of her neighbors, who was a master quilter, to take a few classes. We bought fabric and supplies thinking we could tag team the project. I know I had worked on a few squares, but I have no idea what happened to those squares or the remaining fabric. I believe my mom misplaced the bag with the goods, she believes it was me. We may will never know where it all went.

Back to Christmas 2013. Like I had mentioned, getting the sewing machine for Christmas really made me want to try it all again. So, dragging Duffy along with me, I went to my favorite fabric store, picked out a pattern, and all of the fabric needed to complete a quilt!

Jumping Jacks pattern

I was super excited about relearning everything I had forgotten about quilting. YouTube was my best friend for a weekend. I watched all of the tutorials I could and got started on my quilt. After finishing all of my squares I guess I felt accomplished enough to quit working on it.

Jumping Jacks quilt squares


One of my goals last year was to finish the quilt over the Christmas break. It was a lovely thought, but it didn’t happen. Then I started listening to a podcast called Elise Gets Crafty, and got to a later episode about “enjoying the process” with guest Astrid. Her quilts are beautiful. I’ve even got a few ideas for future quilts! I was super inspired and wanted to get to work.



Jumping Jacks quilt progress one


Jumping Jacks quilt progress two

This is what I’ve been able to get done this week. I’ll keep you all posted about my progress. I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like all finished!

♥ Chrissy