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Shake It!

Who doesn’t love a fun shaker card?

Thanks so Much card


Especially lately. Shaker cards have made quite a remarkable comeback. Before a year or two ago I hadn’t made one in probably 5-7 years. It’s always fun when you can take a fun old technique, revive it, and make it new.

Don’t know what a shaker card is? It means that all those bits behind the butterfly in the circle window shake around, so when the recipient receives the card it’s got a fun interactive part to it!

♥ Chrissy

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We like to make a big deal out of St. Patrick’s Day in my family. One of my sister-in-law’s family is from Ireland, and what better excuse than that to go to a pub with most of your siblings to see bag pipe bands and eat Irish food? It’s almost as good as being Irish myself!

I love to give my nieces and nephews little gifts for holidays throughout the year, and St. Patrick’s Day is one of those. This year I made simple boxes full of delicious jelly beans, and made to look like a rainbow. There aren’t very many holidays where you have a legitimate reason to arrange things in a spectrum.St

Hope your St. Patrick’s Day is as lucky as they get!

♥ Chrissy

On the Cover

I submitted this Easter card and treat bag months ago and, quite frankly, forgot all about them. When you’ve got a job where you’re constantly creating, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything you’ve made. So, this was a pleasant surprise I got from our PR rep. My projects back AND a copy of the magazine!

CardMaker Inside copy


The card came back to me with relatively little damage to it considering how much I’m sure it gets handled and/or tossed about. The treat bag… not so much. It kind of got trashed. Not that it’s a big deal. They got a picture of it while it was in pristine condition which is the important part, right?

Easter Card

And, they liked my projects so much I even got featured on the cover of their magazine (along with that rose card that’s partially covered and to whom I have no idea who to give credit, but kudos to you mystery creative!).

CardMaker Cover with Card


♥ Chrissy

Creative Blog Hop – Hooray! Hoorah!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I was excited to be invited by Julie to do a blog post for the Creative Blog Hop. Thanks, Julie! You can visit her blog here.

Creative Blog Hop - Hooray! Hoorah!

Photo credit and a huge thank you goes to my very talented brother-in-law Glenn Nielson.

Sometimes I go for weeks without making something for myself. Because I wanted to make something. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t taken a few hours for myself. So, being asked to be part of this blog hop was awesome! It basically forced me to take some time for myself and do something I wanted to do. So, this project was fun and even therapeutic for me. I hope you love the project I made almost as much as I do!

Hooray! Hoorah! card

What am I working on right now?

I’m working on a few things. At home, I’m working on cleaning out and organizing my craft room (as clean as it can be – I just want to see the top of my desk… and maybe the floor too) and planning some classes for next month. I mainly use Stampin’ Up! kits and Paper Pumpkin kits. You can see Stampin’ Up! kits here and learn more about a Paper Pumpkin subscription here. At work (I’m a Concept Artist at the Stampin’ Up! home office), we are getting ready to work on a few future catalogs, which is always exciting!

How does your work differ from others in your genre?

Because I’m a Concept Artist I have to keep my eye on the paper crafting industry as a whole and be aware of what’s up and coming, and that will often show in my work. I get to play around with different styles, techniques, accessories, tools, and stamp sets. My personal style is eclectic, but sometimes an assignment at work will call for simple and clean, masculine, grunge, shabby chic etc. Every day is different!

Why do you create what you do? 

Lots of reasons! I could see something that I’m inspired by, maybe I want to learn something new, I might need a specially wrapped gift or card for somebody special, or it could be as simple as an assignment at work.

How does your creativity work?

My desk is usually a mess. On many occasions, I’ve used something I never put away/cleaned up that didn’t work for a past project but it’s perfect for the current project! I will never be a tidy crafter, not going to happen.

Sometimes if I feel stuck, I’ll set my project aside for a day or two and come back to it. You can definitely look at something for too long, it’s real. Coming back to it with a fresh eye often helps me know what to do.

Music or podcasts are a must.

Creativity can come all at once, very slowly, or somewhere in the middle. The key is to keep playing until you love what you’ve made.


Thanks again for visiting my blog, I hope you come back in the future! The next person on the hop is the extremely talented Allison Okamitsu! I know whatever she makes is going to be amazing and you won’t want to miss out,  so show her some love next Monday!

♥ Chrissy